The Tools of the Trade


Learning skills is all about practice. And missing out on practice sets you back, especially with only a month for each skill. In order to ensure that I practice regularly, I hung up a calendar, and mark off each day that I practice. This keeps me more aware of missed days, and helps to keep me going.

When I’m practicing, I also have to record the amount of time I practice. I could do this with a kitchen timer and a notebook, or something, but it’s much easier using the Timesheet app for Android. With it, I can see total amount practiced for each skill, statistics, and graphs!


Handwriting is coming along pretty decently, but I was gone for a week, which put me way behind on practice. Thankfully, there’s room to catch up before the end of the month. That’s the only update you’ll get for now—no pictures of my handwriting for you!